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How can I help you on your wellness journey?

Sarah Rooney, BS, CFCP


I’m Sarah, engineer turned natural mommy, learning how to allow myself grace each day, passionate about family wellness including essential oils, CBD and fertility awareness – inspired by my own journey of health, infertility, faith and family. So excited to journey with you!

I have had a special interest in holistic health from an early age. Through my personal health journey with fibromyalgia from the age of 13, infertility and all the body systems effected–the digestive, neurological and endocrine systems, to name a few, I have found answers and solutions to support my body, emotions and mind.  I have also been eating gluten and dairy free for some time, have experienced most natural health modalities out there, and understand the support and encouragement needed through health changes, a great benefit with my Fertility Coaching.

I found FertilityCare when engaged and looking for a natural fertility awareness method to help with family planning, but also to understand what was going on with my crazy cycles and PMS!  With my engineering background, the solid science behind FertilityCare and NaProTechnology was a great fit.  As a user of the FertilityCare system for almost 10 years, I have been helped with infertility, postpartum depression/anxiety, secondary infertility, PCOS, irregular cycles, continuous mucus, hormone imbalances, and PMS.  I learned so much and received so much help through the method, that I had to share it.  I became a FertilityCare Practitioner in 2011 and have been honored to help hundreds of women with their own fertility and health journeys. All the reproductive issues I have faced have helped me become a better Practitioner as well.

My infertility journey took me to needing to balance my hormones, as well as progesterone support throughout my pregnancies. Now I am the mom of two little ones, miracles thanks to understanding the root causes of what was going on, and finding natural solutions.  I am excited to share my passion for holistic wellness and I love being able to help women and families advocate for their health.